5 of the Best Golf Swing Analyzer Apps

Tiger Woods golf app

There are so many good golf swing analyzer apps out there nowadays that I just wanted to highlight a few I thought were worth looking into.

Please note: Not all are available yet for Android. Here we go:

Tiger Woods My Swing App ($4.99) – Why would you want to compare your swing to the arguably the greatest golfer ever? Hmmmmm, I’m not sure either – but it’s nice to to know – you CAN! Do so with the Tiger Woods My Swing app.

Upload your swing video to the app so you can compare your swing side-by-side with Mr. Tiger’s. Who knows – it just might sync up frame to frame with Tiger’s and you can quit your day job and head to the Tour!

UberSense Golf Coach and Swing Analysis (Free) – I love this golf app by Ubersense. Did a pretty thorough review on it not long ago called, Ubersense Golf App. UberCool. UberUseful. It has helped thousands of golfers improve their golf swing, providing golf lessons through this solid golf app.

By using slow motion video, zoom, side-by-side comparison, and drawing and annotation tools, golfers can improve their game every day. So get it and start improving today!

Swing Profile golf app

V1 Golf App (Free) – Another great swing analyzer app is the V1 Golf app by Interactive Frontiers, Inc. Not only does this app allow you to compare your swing with a PGA Tour pro of your choice, it also features slow-motion replay so you can see exactly where your swing flaws lie.

“Tiger Woods recently credited V1 Pro, the best-known swing recording and analysis system, with helping so many young golfers these days get so good, so fast.”

FYI: To use the V1 Pro app you must have an active Instructor Branded Academy login.

Once you’re done with your golf apps and have a few minutes you might want to check out these very cool mobile slots.

SwingPlane ($3.99) – Like some of the other swing-comparison apps mentioned above, SwingPlane allows you to record and compare your swing with top pros. Simple annotation tools allow you to mark head position swingplane (yes, that is on purpose!) and other key swing positions.

A recent comment from the site:

“The easy to use telestrator and frame by frame feature can tell you everything you need to know about your swing. As an instructor, the side by side feature allows me to show students the improvements they have made from previous swings.”

SwingProfile Golf (Free. Pro version is $22.99) – This app by Integrity Analysis Limited was awarded the “Best Overall Product” and “Best Market Research” at PGA Merchandise Show 2012. (See image above)

SwingProfile presents the world’s first golf swing analysis software that makes Golf Digest-style swing sequences (you know, those frame-by-frame comparisons that fold out on Golf Digest) automatically, as well as many “auto” features that enable true instant golf video analysis anywhere and anytime. This one looks really promising. Check it out now!