Custom Clubs That Aren’t

Golfweek Shaft Month Article

It’s finally getting out in the media. You think you just bought a custom set of clubs from the manufacturer? Well maybe you didn’t. Maybe their specs are so loose that your shafts aren’t even close to having the same flex. And that might explain why you hit some clubs in your bag really well and others not so much.

How could this happen? I wrote quite awhile back about this after I visited one of the best club makers in the country; Tom Spargo in Rhode Island. He explained how club makers all over the country bought the so-called same clubs at golf stores around the country and then tested them. None were the same! That means the driver you liked at the range and hit so well is not really the same as the new shrink wrapped one they sold you at the checkout counter.

This isn’t a conspiracy, it’s just a fact that club makers and the ruling bodies have never agreed on standards for measuring shafts – not their length, nor weight, nor flex, nor anything. Golfweek just did an article on this, so check it out HERE or click on the photo above. The Pros know this and every club they play is individually tested and tweaked to their exact specs. You and I can’t get this unless we go to an exceptional club maker.

Bronson Wright at The Club Fix (who I became aware through the Revolution Golf videos) explains why you’re manufacturer produced ‘custom’ clubs aren’t so custom. Here’s the scenario; you go to your local golf store and a very nice guy or gal works with you using a shot monitor to come up with all the right specs for clubs that suit your swing. So far so good.

Next they send these specs back to the manufacturer and in a relatively short time your new custom clubs have arrived. This is your first custom set and you are excited to try them out. The only problem is that the manufacturers have such loose specs that your shafts, lies and lofts can very greatly. You clearly didn’t get the consistency you thought you were paying the extra bucks for.

The only way to get truly custom clubs is to have a club maker check every club and dial it in. This goes for the ones they build as well as every custom club you get from the manufacturer. This should give us all some food for thought before buying our next set. It is also a call to the industry and governing bodies to do something about this problem. The technology exists to have explicit standards and build equipment within tight specs. We players who love the game deserve to get that quality for our hard earned dollars.