How to Hit the Ball 20 Yards Longer. Guaranteed!

Sean beast fister

Here is a proven distance tip that Long Drive Champ Sean Fister says can add an easy 20 yards to your drives. Are you willing to give it a try? Says Fister, "There are a hundred little tricks to hit the ball farther. But only one is absolutely, positively guaranteed to work for every golfer. All … [Read more...]

Is the Secret to Golf in Your Hands?

Ben Hogan Hands

I think I can help you play better golf, but you'll have to apply the concepts! I'm going to do something I thought I never would - offer golf advice. I know this is risky territory, after all who am I to be giving anyone golf advice. I'm not a pro and I've never taught. Heck, I'm not even a … [Read more...]

Golf Performance Nutrition: Eggs

Pasture raised hens

  Whole eggs from healthy fowl are one of the most nutritious foods on earth but are all eggs really the same? I have a full chapter on “Golf Power Nutrition” in my new book, 101 Ways to Increase Your Golf Power and wanted to talk about just one “Power Nutrition” tip today. I know, … [Read more...]

Do You Have a “Post-Shot” Routine?

tiger woods mental game

In James Siekmann’s excellent new book, Your Short Game Solution, he has a chapter specifically about how to think like a champion. He should know. He works with PGA pros like, Ben Crane, Charlie Wi, Cameron Triangle and Jeff Overton among others. He has also been a Tour player himself, knew Seve … [Read more...]

Win $1,000,000 While Watching the Masters!

my fantasy golf teams

Would you like to win $1,000,000 watching the Master’s. Sounds good to me, maybe it does for you, too. The fee to pick your own team with the chance to win $1M is $20 - not a bad deal. There’s been some chatter about Fantasy golf the last few weeks in a number of Google+ Groups I’m involved … [Read more...]

Cigars, Scotch and Golf

Cohiba Cigars

There's nothing like the smell of a good cigar wafting through the air while playing a round of golf. That pungent smell of tobacco, oak, pepper and sometimes chocolate. Of course, the smell varies on the type, age and brand of the stogey but I know it quite well. I grew up with my father … [Read more...]

What is Your Golf System?

Golf System

What is a golf system? Do you have one? Is it producing results for you? if not, you probably should look for a new one. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to systems and how they can produce very predictable results. I know — “systems” seems like such a dry, clinical, corporate word, something … [Read more...]

101 Ways to Increase your Golf Power

Tom Watson takeaway

This is an excerpt from the 1st chapter of the new and soon-to-be-released book, 101 Ways to Increase your Golf Power called Golf Power Swing Keys. I wanted to write this book because I could not really find it anywhere. If you're looking for more power, distance and lower scores this might be for … [Read more...]