Ubersense Golf App. UberCool. UberUseful.


Ubersense golf is a new mobile app that is quite amazing. It allows you to improve your game by recording and then analyzing your golf swing through a slew of neat controls, drawing tools and much more.

I honestly didn’t know a lot about this app until recently when I just downloaded it. I wasn’t even sure what it was supposed to do but a friend highly recommended it so I figured I would take a look.

In my opinion, this is a “game-changer” app. It’s so well done, so thought out and so useful that I cannot see how one could not benefit from this super cool app.

So, the down low is that you can record your golf swing – either by yourself or someone else (golf coach, friend, family member, etc.) – and then analyze, compare and get instant feedback on your mechanics, positions, alignment, etc.

The first step is to record your video and it couldn’t be easier. There is just a big button with a red dot in the center that you select and the recording begins. You can even select (via a button) a behind view subtle silhouette or a side view silhouette to help you position your video better (kind of like a nice subtle marking on the crown of your driver)

What is amazing to me is that they actually have a setting to switch the silhouette to be left-handed! Being a left-handed golfer, I thought it was super cool that they included this.

So once you have recorded your video this is where the rubber really meets the road and you can then really access the true power of the app, which is in it’s analyzation tools.


As you can see from the image above this is where you can really analyze the swing. The long vertical cylinder shape on the right is a fine scrubber, allowing you to go super fine in what frame you’re looking for. The scrubber at the bottom allows you to get to the frames much faster.

On the bottom right is a slow motion button (looks like a speedometer) allowing you to view your video in slow motion or tap it to see 1/2 time, 1/4 time or 1/8 time. Of course there are play/pause buttons and you can even pinch the screen to zoom in or zoom out of your video. UberCool!

What I really love are the drawing tools that you can reveal by tapping on the pencil icon (called the “drawing drawer”) in the upper right of your screen. It reveals a suite of tools like a circle, straight line, ruler, angle tool, free drawing tool and a trash icon to remove last drawing or to clear all drawings.

How powerful is it to have these at hand. It used to cost hundreds of dollars to have a pro do this for you once! Now you have access to this suite of powerful tools anytime you like.

Each time you record the videos are added to your own library and they become easily organized in a neat timeline for you to access. You can even compare videos “side by side” by hitting the compare button in the upper right. This can allow you to really see your progress over time by comparing maybe a video before you went to the swing doctor and after. A really cool feature!

Additionally, you can also “overlay” videos one on top of the other. It’s really cool to have this much power and capability in this free app. Yes, I said free!


Finally, UberSense Golf allows you to share your video in many ways (see image above) You can share to FaceBook, to a friend, save to your camera roll and more. By the way, you can save your video with drawings and all (even side-by-side mode) so you can send this rich (marked up) video to your coach, instructor for further review.

I can’t really say enough about this app. I love the fact of how intuitive it is. You don’t really have to spend a lot of time figuring out things. The User Interface is so simple and well thought out that a kid or a Grandmother could figure this app out pretty easily.

I mean years ago you would have to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for this type of technology. Plus you had to travel to an instructor, wait for the video, finally see it and then work on improvement.

Now it’s ALL in your power to improve – well not just your power but often with the help of a PGA pro or golf coach to guide you but the technology is so ubiquitous and easy to share that it makes golf improvement easier than ever before.

Download the app now by going here: Swingreader Golf Coach by UberSense

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  • There are a few swing analysis apps on the market. The Ubersense app is very nice. They also have an app that will allow you to analyze several other sports as well.

  • That’s right Scott – their technology is really appropriate for any type of sport. Have you used the golf one? Has it helped you?


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