Another Super Stoopid Golf Swing Training Aid!

Hook/Slice"Talking Swing Meter

So this idiotic “Hook/Slice” Talking Swing Meter piece of crap is supposed to let you know whether you hooked, sliced or made a “nice” shot. Are you kidding me?

I mean unless you’re blind what do you even need this utterly absurd, doggone silly contraption for? I mean you have a pretty good idea where you ball is going right?! I’m probably missing the point as it seems more of a gag thing. But it’s even silly-stupid as a gag gift!

Here’s a pretty honest review of the “Hook/Slice” Talking Swing Meter, don’t you think?

“From the “We’d Rather Get Punched in the Face” department: An absolutely awful golf gadget that hooks onto your driver and announces how crappy your last shot was, ’cause we really need some wise-ass device telling us we just sliced the ball into the snack bar. Even though it’s marketed as a training tool, the Hook/Slice Talking Swing Meter does nothing to improve your game but lots to crush your confidence. Great fun for screwing the jerk in your foursome, but that’s about it. At $18, it’s more than $17 overpriced.”

Here’s what 1 reviewer (only 1 rating!) had to say about this product on Amazon:

“The device does say slice or hook but I still haven’t heard it say ‘nice swing’. I am no pro by any stretch but have been playing golf for pushing 15 years. You would think that I would have managed on one practice swing to get a “good swing”.

Now if you really, really want to get one you can right here: Perfect Solutions Hook/Slice”Talking Swing Meter

We do get to review some pretty dumb golf training aids. Any you want to share? Please comment below.

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