Stack and Tilt: Is It For You?

I just finished watching the terrific, new “2.0 Stack and Tilt – Understanding the Numbers,” DVD’s and was really impressed with this golf swing methodology. Here’s a little more about how I came to this conclusion.

The Stack and Tilt system, founded by golf pros Andy Plummer and Michael Bennett has been around for quite some time (I believe since 2004 or so) and has received much notoriety, both pro and con. It didn’t, of course, come out of nowhere. It came from famed golf teacher Mac O’Grady’s principles and also information from the famous book, “The Golfing Machine” by Homer Kelley.

For me personally, I never thought much about it. Yeah, of course, I was aware of it but just thought it was too hokey to really give it much credence. After watching the 4 DVD’s, I’ve changed my mind.

I think, initially, the Stack and Tilt swing model, looked a little radical. But really it’s not. That’s probably the biggest misconception about Stack and Tilt. These guys have so many pros working with them now, like: Troy Matteson, Charlie Wi, Dean Wilson, JJ Henry, Grant Waite, Aaron Baddley, Brad Faxon and on and on, so this isn’t any “flight by night” theory. Even in interviews with many of these pros before the segment begins a number of them mentioned how ” S&T simplifies their games.”

Each DVD is a bit different. The first is called, “The Clinic” and goes over the entire methodology in a (what else) clinic format – out on the range. The second DVD is called, “The Model” and gives a really thorough breakdown of 9 basic checkpoints in the swing. The 3rd is called, “Driver, Drills and Lessons” and is one of my favorites (has some great Stack and Tilt drills). It’s hard to explain all the juiciness in this DVD. Finally, DVD number 4 shows the latest in visualization techniques by watching the Stack & Tilt® Swing being demonstrated by some of the world’s best players.

What I really liked about the entire Stack and Tilt system is their way of really trying to simplify the swing. I believe in DVD 2 Mike and Andy sum up the overall philosophy of S & T in 10 words. Those are: Weight Forward, Shoulder Down, Hands In, Arm Straight and Tuck Hips. Along with the principles of Tilt, Extend and Turn. The biggest for me, personally, is the idea of “weight forward” but after really delving into the “numbers” (hence, the title – Understanding the Numbers) I really saw how this is such a huge issue in golf (and how to solve it – once and for all!)

Another great thing about the DVD’s was how much technology they used in assembling and presenting their methods. They used ProTracer technology which uses high camera speed and state-of-the-art computer graphics to follow the flight of the ball (the same as they use to follow the ball on Tour events on TV). TrackMan, the golf industry’s leading launch monitor which uses radar to measure both impact and ball flight data.

GASP Systems Force Plate was also used to precisely measures weight shift throughout the golf swing. Finally, AMM 3D-Golf™ is a high-­speed, full‐body motion tracking system that documents the biomechanics of the swing. The output provides a clear, scientifically accurate picture of a swing’s capabilities and limitations.

So you get all of this super cool technology incorporated into the videos themselves. I’ve never really seen this before where they have pictures within pictures, data graphs, 3D checkpoints and the instructors speaking. This really gives you a unique way of learning. It really helps broaden your perspective and delve into the aspect they are instructing about. Truly a great uses of multiple technologies to enhance the learning experience.

Additionally they use another technology called “Spectrumming” which also helps you in the comparison of pictures and further helps broaden your perspective of how how segments of the swing are related to each other.

One slight thing that could be improved upon is the pacing of the material. For me anyway, some the content (particularly the “checkpoint positions” in DVD 2) can seem a bit long winded and in my mind could have used a little editing but, hey, it’s a golf DVD so I enjoyed it anyway.

What you get when you purchase these DVD is really one of the most technologically savvy and most professional DVD series I have ever seen (on any sport or anything else for that matter) but it’s particularly suited to golf as there are so many intricacies of the golf swing that all the new technology only ENHANCES the production and it also gives it “visual relief” whereas if we were staring for hours at just video we might have a tendency to drift.

This 4 DVD set, I believe, could easily sell for $299+. It’s really that good. I can’t imagine how much research and technology and filming and editing went into this but it has to be hundreds. So the $149.99 current offer is a steal. The holidays are upon us now so definitely get one for yourself and any other golfers you truly care about. They will have a lot to thank you for.

All in all, after watching the entire DVD set I am really impressed with Stack and Tilt and having a new appreciation of how this methodology can help tons of golfers (of all levels) really measurably improve their game so they can have more enjoyment playing. That’s what’s it’s all about and anyone helping that cause I’m all in favor of!

Check it out here: NEW 2.0 Stack and Tilt – Understanding the Numbers

  • I’ve been aware of Stack and Tilt for some time but never really investigated to get a good understanding of it.

    I know many pros have had success with it including as well to your list I think KJ Choi.

    Hard to argue against the results a lot of its players have been achieving over the last few years.

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  • I am going to give this a try.


  • golfdash

    Jeremy, we are coming out with a buy DVD set get the book free offer in a few days. You may want to catch that deal. Check back in a few days. Best, Doug

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  • golfdash

    Jeremy, did you see the Stack and Tilt offer we just put up?

  • Francis Shembab

    I have had a left knee replaced, will the “stack and tilt” swing put undo stress on my left knee?

  • golfdash

    Hi Francis! I assume you are a right-handed golfer?

    If so, I don’t think the Stack and Tilt will put undo stress on your left leg.

    The swing is really not that different from a regular one (although it does have differences)

    I would maybe buy the book (or DVD’s) and check it out. You can even see a lot of free videos via YouTube.

    The only way is to try it out for yourself to see if you might be able to benefit.

    I can tell you that the system is a very solid one, backed by a lot of sound technology and statistics.

    All the best,


  • Francis Shembab

    Doug, thanks for your comments, I am a 70 yr old with a 19 handicap and I started using “stack & tilt” without any formal training & I shot an 83 so I’m looking forward to getting dvd’s.

  • John

    Francis, you’d probably have to get a orthopedist to give you an ‘official’ response. As I understand stack and tilt, you start with most of your weight on the left side and leave it there rather than moving it from the right side to the left as in a more traditional swing. Logically, it doesn’t seem like it would add more stress.

  • bobt

    Tiger uses many if not most of the stack and tilt principles. Would think it is easier on his left knee than his old swing with his history of knee problems.

  • Hmmmm . . .never really thought of Tiger as a “Stack’n Tilt” type of guy but I see your point – how it could take pressure off the right knee.

    Curious, do u practice the ST principles?


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