Stack and Tilt (Continued)

Stack and Tilt School

Stack and Tilt is a now relatively famous system by teachers Michael Bennett and Andy Plummer that you just might want to investigate to create your best, consistent and most powerful golf swing ever.

Not long ago I did a complete review of the Stack and Tilt – Understanding the Numbers DVD called, Stack & Tilt: Is It For You? and thought it was one of the best DVD’s I had ever seen (and still do!)

It really took advantage of so much technology, biomechanics, alternate views, swing analysis, ProTracer and more. It’s really something you should invest in. It provides THAT much insight into YOUR golf swing that’s it’s invaluable.

One thing that might be helpful as you are looking at the Stack and Tilt swing is to (just for a moment) forget that’s it’s called, “Stack and Tilt” because as it’s obviously packaged as S&T it’s usefulness is more in the tenants it supports.

For example, the Stack and Tilt swing suggests that you keep most of your weight forward in your swing. There is really no weight shift, per say, just a rotary movement which keeps your spine over the ball and provides for more consistent ball contact.

Whatever you want to call it, this problem of weight shift and turning, etc. is one of the big deals in golf. How can you play consistently solid golf if your setup positions change throughout the swing? So this is something you can try out and test. Will it help your game? I’m not sure but it’s central (We all know) to solid ball striking.

That’s worth it right there. Whatever you want to call it – if you could be a more solid, consistent ball striker starting next week and you used part of the S&T system – so what?! You don’t have to be a paid Stack and Tilt sponsor – you’re only using it’s variables to your advantage.

There’s about 5 or so of these distinctions that help build the profile of Stack and Tilt. They all somewhat support one another. But, again, you can experiment with one or many of them all. It’s totally up to you.

To me, you can go in and cherry-pick what you want or what you think would work best for your current game from the DVD – just like you would with any teaching system – from Hogan’s to Leadbetter’s to Sean Foley’s and beyond.

I can almost guarantee you’ll find some major golf swing distinctions and you’ll get a deeper, more valuable understanding of your golf swing when you watch these DVDs. I’m still watching them and am still discovering things I missed on the first viewing or that I now see in a different angle.

The great thing about Stack and Tilt (to me anyway) is that it gives you another perspective through which you can examine your golf swing and the more knowledge and information you can gleen about it the more you can build a strong, powerful, consistent golf swing that works for you.

Check out the DVD here: Stack & Tilt: Understanding the Numbers