Why Sergio Will Never Win a Major

Sergio Garcia

Something seems to have snapped internally for Sergio Garcia. He now seems more distant than ever to win that 1st major championship.

To play exceptional golf you need a sound, positive internal dialog. Sergio’s seems anything but that. No one can ever know what he might be thinking but we sure got some excerpts recently.

Starting with the “club-pulling” incident at the Player’s Championship. Sergio claims that Tiger intentionally made unnecessary noise with his clubs while in his backswing.

The other, more notable snafu, was (when asked) if he would invite Tiger Woods for dinner during the recent U.S. Open. Garcia responded, “We will have him round every night. We will serve fried chicken.”

To me, that’s just downright offensive, disrespectful and hurtful (not even hurtful but unforgettably hurtful) Who would say that? Especially someone of Sergio’s stature. He’s not a kid anymore and he knows the media game. I think Tiger did the right thing, said a few words about how hurtful it was and moved on.

You can see Sergio has a lot more “Tiger in his head” than Tiger has “Sergio in his head.” It’s a bit sad actually that comments like that get immediate and full attention but then again, it’s news and news that upsets and provokes is news that sells.

I don’t see how Sergio can ever really get back to that young, innocent galloping teenager the world fell in love with at the 1999 PGA Championship with his duel against Tiger. He came in second that week (To Tiger) and, of course, he has never lifted a Major Championship trophy.

You look at guys like this years major winners, Adam Scott and Justin Rose. Now it’s easy to say after they’re now in the record books but they really have their mental **** together. You can hear it in their interviews on their videos, etc. They “know” how to talk to themselves, how to “re-frame” potentially negative dialogs to themselves.

I mean Adam Scott could have crawled into a fox-hole after the 2012 British Open meltdown but he (and his mentor Greg Norman) re-framed that whole experience as fuel to get even better. I think it was Norman who said “NOBODY (in the world) played better golf for 68 holes.” That’s an empowering statement and some than you can “use” to fuel even better athletic performance.

Sergio (so far anyway) just has not been able to put in that additional layer of objectivity or inquiry so he can “re-perceive” his experience in a positive and empowering way. Everything just seems so close, visceral and emotional to Sergio. Maybe it’s got to do with his Spanish heritage, that “devil-may-care,” swashbuckling attitude that he shares somewhat with Seve.

Currently, however, something is clearly NOT working. All I see now is a beaten, tired, weak-minded professional golfer who occasionally plays well. He has got to dig deep and find something, someone who can help him rise above his current level of thinking or interpretation. (Suggestion: try contacting Steve Hardison or Steve Chandler or Chris Dorris)

Finally, I want Sergio to succeed. I believe he’s good for the game. He is clearly a very talented and very charismatic golfer (with one of the best smiles on tour) that can ignite and inspire people to their own greatness. It’s up to him now.