The Secret of Being a Great Golfer

golfer Johnny Miller

Johnny Miller knew it wasn’t all about physical skills if you were to become a great player. That something else is what Johnny shares with us here . . . in his own words.

“I think the difference between first and second place is clear intention. Intention is the magical word.

When you go to a golf tournament you need to ask yourself, ‘What is my intention? Why am I here? Am I here to have a good time, am I here to play a level of golf never seen before, am I here to make the cut, am I here to make some money to pay the bills?’ You need to tune that intention to a level that is just slightly out of your reach.

That’s the secret of really being great. If you lengthen your stride and you even hurt a little bit once in awhile because you’re striving for one more level of excellence, your eyes will be opened and you’ll gain more intelligence and you’ll gain more understanding

The players who do that, who become great, are the ones who are willing to take a gamble on a shot where everybody thinks, ‘You shouldn’t take that gamble. It’s safer to go over here.’ Then everybody plays safe or they choke into the water. But the player who wins tournaments is the one who’s willing to say, ‘My intention here is not to play smart, not to play safe, but to win.’

My intention is to do what others are not willing to do, and sometimes that equates to a tough shot over water to a tight pin. You can do it. It’s in your repertoire, and if you can pull off those shots, that’s what makes you win tournaments. A lot of people accidentally win tournaments on the tour.

“The great champion wins tournaments. He clearly goes out and wins the tournament. People don’t say, ‘Well, he was lucky. He got a good break. He double-bogied the last hole, and backed in.’ You just go out and you win because you have the formula.”

PS: This was shared with me by the great success coach, Steve Chandler.