Ryder Cup Rookie Debutants

The Ryder Cup team this year is comprised of many steely, seasoned veterans but what do you think about the Ryder Cup rookies. How do you think they might fare?

The 2012 Ryder Cup is off and and kicking. It’s a really fun event to watch. It really showcases golf in a different unique light.

We’re so used to watching medal play that it’s really a treat to watch match play (and all the fun dynamics that brings). If you’ve ever played in these team events you know what it’s like – fun, nerve-wracking, exciting – all at the same time!

Not that this year’s rookies have never played match golf before but they have never played on the world’s biggest match play event!

Who are the Ryder Cup rookies? Four are from the US – Keegan Bradley, Jason Dufner, Webb Simpson and Brandt Snedeker. The lone rookie for the Europeans is Belgian, Nicolas Colsaerts (who is only the third first-timer selected in a European team since 1979)

Of course, all these “rookie” Ryder Cuppers are world-class players. Between them they have 14 wins and 2 major championships. The breakdown goes like this:

Nicolas Colsaerts – 2 European wins
Jason Dufner – 2 PGA wins
Keegan Bradley – 3 PGA wins including 2011 PGA Championship
Webb Simpson – 3 PGA wins including this years (2012) US Open
Brandt Snedeker – 4 PGA winds including this years (2012) Tour Championship and also the FedEx Cup winner.

So you can see, there is some “major” talent in these Ryder cup rookies!

It is, obviously, going to be a bit trickier on the US side (as they have 4 more rookies) but the main objective is to get them into their own rhythm and playing the kind of golf they know they can play.

One way coach Love had done this is to team them with the more seasoned Ryder Cup players. This is a pretty common way to help them settle their nerves and to just advise them on expectations from someone who’s been there before.

I always love seeing rookies play at the Ryder cup. It’s so new and refreshing for them that they often play some of their best golf. Will it happen this year? who knows? I do know you couldn’t ask for 5 more solid rookies than were picked.

  • I was surprised at the initial selection of Nicolas Colsaerts but he has played really well. I expected the American rookies to play well and they have.

    Especially Keegan Bradley. Anyone that has won a major championship has the toughness to compete in the pressure cooker atmosphere of a Ryder Cup. The others have all played their part well too.

  • COngrats Nicolas! He really showed everyone how great he is!