Quick 9: Interview with Golf Redefined’s Marcus Spillane

golfredefined - golf club swapping program

In this Quick 9 interview we are featuring, Marcus Spillane, one of the forces behind GolfRedefined, an innovative new club swapping program that is really gaining traction in the market. Let’s spend a few minutes with Marcus, shall we.

Marcus, tell me a little bit about yourself and your background?

I’m an Irish entrepreneur involved in forever trying to solve problems! Unfortunately I am a pretty mediocre golfer but, like most, I am intrigued at how best to improve my game.

To some extent when I am ready to tee off I am overly focused on eeking out those last 5 yards of distance rather than looking at my short game, and of course any technological aid to help straighten my tendency to slice is investigated.

I was born and raised in Ireland, where my passion for the game was founded and not much more needs to be said about golfing in Ireland other than the great thing as a kid growing up was just how accessible the game is.

What is the “big” problem you’re trying to solve with GolfRedefined.com?

GolfRedefined.com offers golfers the flexibility to find the perfect driver to suit their game by selecting, testing and swapping clubs. Think “Netflix” for golf! We created GolfRedefined.com to revolutionize the way golfers identify and select the best driver that works for them and the only way to do this is to test and play in real conditions with a number of models before the perfect match is

Why pay $400 for a top driver only to learn that the club really doesn’t feel right or perform?

With one of our membership packages everyone now can try out the best brands to find the right club for their game. GolfRedefined.com members might decide to keep one driver all season and swap the following year for the newest model.

How does GolfRedefined.com actually work?

Sign up on GolfRedefined.com. Choose the membership package that suits you. Select the driver of your choice from our site and we ship it to you. When you are ready to try another one, select it and put it in your “queue”, ship back the one you have with the prepaid shipping label in your account and we ship you out your next driver. Simple.

What is the advantage of using GolfRedefined.com versus just buying a club?

When buying you are paying a relatively large sum up front for a driver you have yet to really play with. If you like it great, but if you don’t, well you are stuck. What if your friend gets a new driver and starts to outdrive you? What do you do when newer models are introduced with even better technology?

What if you get in a rut and just don’t get along with your driver anymore? By becoming a GolfRedefined.com member you have ultimate flexibility. You will never be left behind by technology and it will be your friends asking, “where did you get THAT driver”.

Is the site just for drivers? Can we demo irons too?

Right now we just drivers but we do plan to introduce other clubs as the company grows.

Can we choose the latest/greatest drivers on the market or will we be sent 1972 persimmon drivers?

Ha – 1972 Persimmon. What’s that? The latest and greatest will be on our site just as soon as we get them. For our cheapest (birdie) membership package the drivers are from a season or two ago.

Can we receive multiple drivers at once?

Under our membership option – no. Right now we only allow one driver out at a time. But we do have a “Rental Only” option where you can rent as many drivers as you want on a short-term basis.

What are you and GolfRedefined.com most excited about heading into the 2013 season?

Scaling up the business and reaching out to golfers all over the US as the new 2013 drivers are released. I cannot wait to try out the new 2013 models from TaylorMade and Nike. With Tiger and Rory on the ticket it will be interesting to see the step up that Nike will be making in the driver stakes!

Do you have drivers for women and left-handers, too?

Unfortunately not at this time. We do have plans to introduce drivers for women and left-handers and indeed other clubs shortly.

What if the club is damaged (or even broken) while playing it? What if it has a few scratches? Is it supposed to be returned in pristine condition?

Of course we expect normal wear and tear. We do hope that our members won’t go wrapping their drivers around a tree but the odd scratch here and there isn’t a problem.

We inspect every driver when it comes back – if it is still in pristine – think mint – condition then it goes back out. If not we just offload the driver to the second hand market.

Check them out here: GolfRedefined.com