Martin Chuck – How To Hit A Golfball

Martin Chuck Martin Chuck   How To Hit A Golfball

I’ve been writing over the last couple of months about some basic keys to making a great swing. Recently I’ve been getting some interesting daily videos from Revolution Golf about various aspects of the game – swing tips, nutrition and conditioning. It’s all high quality stuff and something I recommend you check out.

One of the instructors who frequently presents is Martin Chuck, a PGA instructor from Phoenix. I really like his presentation style; simple, direct and easy to understand. I went to YouTube and searched on his name to come up with a terrific video. In it Martin covers most everything I’ve been trying to explain, but he says it better and demonstrates every piece.

Do yourself a favor and take a look below. Take it to heart and you’re going to become a much better golfer than you ever thought possible.

pixel Martin Chuck   How To Hit A Golfball

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