How to Hit the Snot Out of Your Hybrid Clubs

hybrid golf ball position

Are you having trouble effectively hitting your hybrid clubs? Are you ready to make your hybrids your go-to “snot-knocker” club? Well, maybe a few of these tips might help.

I personally have had problems with my hybrids but probably because they are old and I know of really no one else playing these Alpha clubs (except my GolfDash partner, John, who knows exactly what I’m talking about!)

Anyway, I am going with a few T-Rail Cobra Bafflers recommended by my blogger buddy Mike over at Mike mentioned he tried every hybrid there is and finally settled on Cobra as the most solid hybrid(s) out there.

I’m not trying to promote Cobra or anyone else in this post. It was just information that we shared. Of course, you may have your favorite, that’s fine, that’s not what I want to address. Personally, I just needed to upgrade to something better and I do admit I love the look of these clubs (including the lime-green grip!)

Anyway, part of the issue with hitting your hybrids effectively is that they have such a shallow face. The reason is that it increases forgiveness and promotes an easier launch for higher ball flight. They are also typically smoother at the bottom to help them slide through the rough. They are NOT meant to “dig” and take a divot like an iron does.

So part of the conundrum is that the hybrid appears like a wood but acts more like an iron. Let me explain. I think psychologically when looking down we often perceive we are hitting a fairway wood (or driver) and feel we should “sweep” the ball.

Therefore we often play the ball too far forward. That’s not how these clubs were designed. See the pic above where Butch Harmon is showing WHERE you need to play these clubs. Further back in your stance.

They need to be thought of as an iron NOT a wood. You need to think descending blow not sweep. A good drill to practice is actually to try to take a divot with your hybrids. This insures you are making a descending blow into the back of the ball.

Also, these clubs (based on loft, flex, etc.) are designed to be swung easy. You don’t need to wind up and give them everything you got. They will work fine if you hit it in the center of the club face. Way too many amateurs try to kill the ball with their hybrids and end up trying to muscle the ball. Not necessary.

Let’s face it, if you’re not a pro you really need to look into getting a set of hybrids that work for you. You need to retire the 3 and 4 iron (maybe the 5, too) and get yourself your own set of “snot knockers” so you can play more solid, confident golf.

  • Thanks for the tips. Finally going to replace a few of my long irons with hybrids this year.

  • No problem, Scott. Which long irons are you going to replace? My lowest is a 4 iron and think that’s going this year, too?

    Any hybrid brands you like?