How To Hit The Ball First

How to consistently strike golf balls!

If you’ve been playing golf awhile and have taken lessons or read a couple of golf instruction books, then you know that IDEALLY you are supposed to hit the ball first with your irons and then take a divot. Now I ask you, ‘Can you do this?’. How many members of your foursome can do this?

The answer to the above is that most amateurs do not hit the ball first. Most amateurs have problems compressing the ball at impact (and lose power) and are plagued with a lot of fat and thin shots. If you can identify, then I’d like to point you to one of the best videos I’ve seen on fixing this. It’s good because it clearly demonstrates what hitting the ball first looks like, how you accomplish it and what drills to use to ingrain it.

You can click the photo above or follow this LINK to the YouTube video. The instructor is Martin Chuck who is part of the Tour Striker Golf Academy. Find out more about the academy HERE. Martin teaches at the Raven Golf Club in Phoenix. Don’t be content with too many miss hits. You can hit the ball correctly and Martin Chuck gives you the visual key to do it!

I know you’re dying to hit the ball right, so here’s another LINK to video on the same topic by Chuck Evans who heads the Medicus Golf Academy.