Golf In Palm Springs: An Unforgettable Experience


Not long ago I and several friends took a golf vacation to Palm Springs, California and now I am itching to get back. Plans are in motion.

If you have never been to Palm Springs your really missing something. It has some of the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. It was really stunning to see the desert landscape below as we flew into Palm Springs International Airport.

We ended up going during the slow season (September) and it was VERY hot (over 100 F) but not uncomfortable (at least for me anyway) as it is dry heat. You just need to make sure to rink plenty of water.

We also took advantage of the “off-season” rates. These can sometimes be quite enticing so keep an eye out for different season discounts if you are interested in staying at any of the more upscale timeshare resorts or hotels that are adjacent to the golf courses.

By the way, it was interesting to me how cold it got at night. Some nights it got down into the 40’s so it was this real extreme from day to night. So come prepared.

You can also get some super golf course discounts by going in the “off season.”

Golf in Palm Springs is just superb but the courses we played at PGA WEST (Nicklaus, Palmer, Mountain and Greg Norman) did lean on target golf a bit. So it helps if your game is in decent shapes.

You cannot help but dumbstruck by all the beauty that surrounds you. I made sure to really soak in everything and took a lot of pictures.

My favorite course we played was The Norman Course. It lies in a seabed 40-feet below sea level surrounded by an immense crescent of terra-cotta mountains. The bunkers are as white as Christmas snow.

The course teems with purple, white and yellow wildflowers, while the mix of tall and short native grasses produce different shades of green running almost to silver.


The grass covers just 60 acres of tight fairways that taper toward the greens with nine ponds covering 18 acres.

To this day the course leaves a strong memory for me. I cannot wait to get back and play it.

Would love to hear your comments on Palm Spring Golf if you have been there or are considering going.

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