Here’s the Best Golf Drill Ever Invented

As golfers we have all seen hundreds of different golf drills. Some do this, some do that, but below is the best golf drill ever and will have your game singing in no time.

No, it’s not the “slot and carry” or swinging on 1 leg or putting 10 balls side by side and swinging away or the baseball golf swing, etc. etc. etc . . . it’s (drum roll please) the half swing drill.

I am convinced (closing in on by 50th birthday) that this is the best golf drill on planet earth. Why would I be so audacious as to say that? Simply because it get’s results quicker than any drill I have ever seen.

You can see the “Half Swing Drill” in the video above demonstrated by Chip Beck. Seriously, I am really stymied trying to think of a better golf drill. This particular drill helps alignment, ball contact, ball position, grip pressure, takeaway, club release, follow through, general body mechanics and weight shift.

I have recently been concentrating solely on this drill and it has measurably improved my game in so many ways it’s not funny as I had the recent issue of hitting lackluster irons.

But a few minutes with the half swing drill gave me instant feedback that my ball position was a bit too far forward. Immediately, I went back to striking the ball solidly again.

Oddly enough, when our game heads South often we want to speed up and find the fastest, quickest easiest fix we can and there’s nothing wrong with this other than the frenzied, desperate searching (I know, been there, many, many times!) for something – really anything – whether it’s appropriate or not.

My recommendation is to do the opposite. SLOW down and get back to basics with the half swing drill. It’s power, I believe, sheds the golf swing down to the basics so you get instant feedback. It’s really the best golf drill ever!

There’s no pressure trying to power or overswing. You just have this small window to deal with. Chances are something funky is happening in this half swing “zone.”

So give it a try. Don’t overlook it’s simplicity. Simplicity has power. I’m convinced (after practicing this drill faithfully) that your game is on it’s way to transforming into the best ever.

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