Curing A Shank With The Wedge

The golf fix with michael breed

I enjoy watching ‘The Golf Fix’ with Michael Breed on the Golf Channel on Monday nights.

I also liked his piece during the Bob Hope Classic earlier in the year when during the Thursday rain delays he dissected swing problems on the practice tee and I wish the Golf Channel would do this more often.

So what about shanked shots and what do they have to do with Michael Breed. During his show last Monday he took an email question from a viewer who was having problems with shanking his wedge.

While Michael gave some good tips on correcting the shanks in general, I think he missed an important point for someone who is only having trouble with a wedge. This isn’t the reason everyone shanks a wedge, but I think it’s common.

Here’s what happens. With a short wedge shot, including bunker shots, it isn’t uncommon to setup with an open stance and corresponding open clubface. In other words, while your clubface is aiming one direction, your feet/hips are aiming another.

If you don’t practice this shot routinely, you can be tempted to swing towards your target – where the clubface is aimed – rather than along your body. This is the kiss of death. You’re almost certain to swing the hosel into the ball with a shank the likely outcome.

As a way to protect against this, take a few practice swings setup as you would for the actual shot, making sure to swing across the body and not toward the target. If you condition yourself to do this, your results will improve and shanks are likely to go the way of the Dodo bird.

  • Nice article,

    I have never suffered from the shanks but this advice does make sense. The bunker shot is one of the only few shots that you need to swing away from the target line.