Feel True “Connection” with the Golf Swing Shirt

I recently came upon a new product called the Golf Swing Shirt which is a training aid that really helps you feel what true “connection” is supposed to feel like in your golf swing.

I’ll be honest, at first glance, this product seemed pretty weird. It was a bright orange shirt (why bright orange?) that only has one sleeve that you put both arms into. Feels kinda like a flexible straightjacket.

But the more Andy and I (see pic above) fooled around with the GSS the more we liked it.

First off, the swing shirt is amazingly well-made. It’s not flimsy at all. The material obviously has spandex in it to allow the necessary “give” when you swing but I didn’t see anywhere where the rest of the clothing blend is listed.

Of course, one of the key benefits is that it gives you enough freedom of movement (so you can bend your elbows) at the same time it keeps you very “snug” and connected to your center (core).

We were thinking as we were both trying (and testing) the shirt out, “Why do you need a full back? Why isn’t this product just one sleeve that you slip over both arms?” but upon reflection, the part you slide over your torso really provides a harness for your torso. I don’t really think you’d have the same “feel” with just a sleeve.

John recently wrote about this connection in his article, The Truth About Golf Swing Secrets, and he immediately gets to the heart of this connection, “In it’s simplest form you could boil it down to hitting the ball with your torso, your arms just being connecting rods.”

He goes on to say, “You have to connect the power generated by your rotating torso directly and firmly to the club head. Words alone are not enough to get you to do this. By some stroke of accident you have to feel it – and know what you’re feeling – to really get it. Once you do, your golf swing will never be the same.”

I think John hit it spot on and really hit upon a real “secret” of golf and the Golf Swing Shirt really helps you feel that. It’s sometimes hard to feel on your own and that’s why we have golf training aids – so we can further isolate and enhance better and proper golf swing motions.

The Golf Swing Shirt also helps you to minimize your arm action. I’m definitely guilty of this. I can easily get into a real “flippy” golf swing, causing more glancing blows and no real golf power.

The shirt has a great endorsement with legendary golf instructor Jimmy Ballard ( the “Pioneer of Connection”), who states:

“This is the best golf swing trainer that I have ever seen in 45 years of teaching and it will help millions of golfers worldwide quickly learn a good golf swing!!”

Pretty powerful stuff from a guy who’s been around the game a little.

Finally, who cares about the look of a training aid. If it helps us immediately become better, more consistent golfers, that’s the goal, right?!

You can visit their site here: The Golf Swing Shirt

  • Emory

    Thanks for the insight on this new product. Joe Dante wrote of a similar concept in his book “Four Magic Moves”. He used a leather strap around the upper torso and upper arms and in the nineties, someone came out with a “connection strap” that replicated the leather strap. It as cumbersome, slipped off and was only somewhat effective.
    This shirt looks effective and I look forward to trying it…though the weather in Florida may limit the time I can wear it. Its hot enough here without wearing a spandex shirt over a shirt.
    Looks like a great training aid.