Day 2 Muirfield

2013 British Open at Muirfield

A couple of quick thoughts midway through Day 2 at this year’s British Open at Muirfield:

It’s turning out to be a great Open in my opinion. It just showcases how different each British Open championship can be depending on the course and the weather. Muirfield is firm and fast as the best golfers are finding out to their sometimes shock hour to hour.

If you haven’t played on a dried out course that’s as hard as a rock it may be difficult to comprehend. That’s where a fair bunch of us amateurs have some experience I’d say. I can remember playing on public courses as a kid where we brought a hammer to drive our pegs into the dirt tee boxes.

For those that have been there you know I’m not kidding. You also learned to deal with the fact that the run out on shots could be 50 – 100 yards. Of course we weren’t playing for anything so it was fun. As you can see by some of their tweets, some guys playing Muirfield are having anything but fun.

What’s becoming clear is that an unknown or little known is not going to win this one. This course has already stretched some to the breaking point and it’s not going to get easier Saturday and Sunday.

I predict you’ll have to be a determined, steely minded grinder like Tiger or a freewheeling ‘what do I have to lose’ spirit like Angel Cabrera. Anyone caught in-between will most likely be chewed up and spit out. You’ve got to be able to see a good shot go 100 feet past the pin and off the green and not let it get to you.

This year’s Open is a classic links championship. In recent years the courses have been tamed by the weather, but not Muirfield. Remember, on links courses par changes on a daily basis based on weather and conditions. Now you see why!