Getting Custom fit for New Golf Irons

I am off this coming week to get custom fit for a new set of irons. It’s been about 8 years or so since my last set and since I am re-committing to playing a lot more golf (and getting better) I figure I am due.

Since re-committing to my golf game I have done quite a few things. I have started a new exercise program based on my biomechanics assessment I have joined a golf club (Crumpin Fox Golf Club here in MA) and am scheduled to be re-fitted for irons this week at GolfTec in Burlington, MA. At some point I will be getting fit for a driver but as I’m a married man I can only get away with so much *smile*

But really excited about finally getting some new irons. I think I have had these irons for maybe 8 or so years. I really liked the look when standing over them. Very classical and a thin top-line. I would, however, describe them as a quasi blade/cavity back.

So you really have to hit it on the screws to make these clubs work. As my playing has become less frequent, they have been harder and harder to hit and with technology changing so much, you almost have to re-evaluate your equipment every 3 years or so and certainly NOT 8!

You can see a pic of the clubs below. Interestedly, while trying to find a pic picture of the Nicklaus N-1’s I came across this post by titled, 15 Craziest Irons Ever Made, and guess what clubs I found there? yup, the Nicklaus N-1’s! It’s really a fun post to peruse.

Anyway, back to my custom fitting. The process, I’m told, will take about an hour. I am bringing just 1 club my 6-iron and my golf shoes. A whole series of test will be done, including grip size, shaft flex/kick point and I will also be put on a launch monitor to determine loft and lie-angle.

What is a bit unique about GolfTec is they do something called “database matching”. Here is what they say about it:

GolfTEC’s database-matching system takes your swing data and virtually tests it against more than 1,000 clubhead and shaft combinations, returning a list of clubs that best suit your game. There is an absence of personal, brand and inventory biases. GolfTEC’s goal is to get the perfect clubs for your game in your hands. Because GolfTEC works with nearly every major club manufacturer, you aren’t limited by your Coach’s brand bias or a limited selection of manufacturers.

I’ve been thinking about getting new irons for some time now (especially since I’m planning on playing a lot more golf this year) and, figured, if I’m gonna do it, might as well do it right. The fee for the testing is $99. I will give a full report on the entire process and my thoughts about it.

Of course, where the rubber real hits the road is on the course. In another month or so I’ll report on how they are affecting my game. Until then – hit ’em straight!

PS: you can download the link to the very informative article called, Buy a Better Game It appears the article is only available via PDF. Once you get to the above website on the right side of the page is the Feb 2011 Golf Magazine cover. Below it is the PDF download link. Also, some nice videos to check out on this page as well.

Top Image: ©2011 Callaway Golf Company.

  • Dave

    Do you know of any company that makes custom clubs without numbers on them (i.e., P – 5 iron, but instead can make irons with only the lofts on them (i.e., 45, 37, 30, etc.)? Thanks.

  • Dave, sorry we can’t help you with than one. I can’t remember ever seeing any clubs like that.