Classic Lyle and Scott Golf Apparel

It’s kind of an odd time of year for golf enthusiasts as the golf season is pretty much over so it gives us a chance to focus on some other cool golf products that you may not be aware of.

One company I was not real that familiar with is Lyle and Scott Clothing. They (get this!) were founded in 1874 in Hawick in the outer borders of Scotland by William Lyle and Walter Scott. Gee, I don’t think Nike is quite that old, yet!

Part of the issue is that we just don’t see much of it over here in the US. Then again, that’s the fun of discovering new and cool golf companies.

The eagle logo has been around forever and is an iconic symbol of the brand. The brand was sort of “re-invented” in 2003 with the launch of of the Vintage Collection and featuring the classic “Golden Eagle” logo.

The “Golden Eagle,” not many know (including yours truly) was on the winner in 2 British Opens. Greg Norman was wearing the famous gold eagle in 1985 as the winner in Turnberry and Ian Baker-Finch also sported it in the 1991 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale.

Lyle and Scott also came out with a newer “green Eagle” line which combined a slightly more looser fit aimed specifically for the golfer. This line has been a huge success and has kept Lyle and Scott at the forefront of the fashion industry.

In 2004 the flagship store was opened in Covent Garden district in London, now a very popular shopping and tourist site. The online shop was recently (2010) re-launched in the UK, Germany, Sweden and France.

I encourage you to check out some of the very cool Lyle & Scott golf apparel products from Scottsdale. You’re just not going to find a lot of these amazing products in your local golf shop. They ship worldwide so doesn’t really matter where you order from.

One product going on my holiday list is the Lyle & Scott Zip Thru Jacket. I’ve actually seen this jacket on some tour pros and it’s one of the nicest ones I’ve ever seen.

It features short sleeves, high button collar, drawstring waist and wide side pockets. It’s made from a showerproof, windproof and breathable Polyester/Spandax (I love the Spandax!) that is very lightweight and is designed to move with your body as you are swinging. Definitely check it out!

Enjoy perusing the Lyle and Scott products at Scottsdale. They have many fun, unique and interesting designs. Of course, you’re also not going to get a finer made product. They might cost a bit more but the fine quality and craftsmanship are most definitely worth it!

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  • Greg Norman

    Nice jacket I like the design and the combination of colors. It really amazes me due to its features: windproof and shower proof.

  • Chase 54

    There are good companies that are not so well known all over the world but their products are also good as other branded ones. I do appreciate your resourcefulness and letting us know about this brand. Are these available in the market today? Thanks