An Amazing Ben Hogan Golf Video

Not sure about you but I never tire of seeing the power and beauty of Ben Hogan’s golf swing on video.

I happened to come across this Ben Hogan video, which I had not seen before. A lot of the footage I had not seen either so it was a pretty cool find (for me anyway)

Additionally, it has a nice, new-age soundtrack allowing you to fully concentrate on the swing.

Now that I am thinking about it, it is nice not to have verbal analysis of a golf swing for a change – what your left with is a classic golf swingthat is just beautiful to watch. Enjoy.

Would love to hear your comments or thoughts on it. Thanks!

Note: The video above is NOT the original I wrote about initially. It was removed from YouTube by the video owner. I have replaced it with a new one which I like very much (although I loved the initial one better and wish it still lived in YouTube land but unfortunately it does not any longer)

A MUST have – The Ben Hogan Collection

My favorite new Ben Hogan book – The Secret of Hogan’s Swing

Love this one,too – Hogan

  • One of the first golf books I ever bought was Ben Hogan’s book on the proper golf swing. He had such a pure golf swing.

  • Beautiful. Agree that it’s best not to verbally analyze, just watch and get a sense of his tempo. His swing is based on very solid fundamentals and great rhythm, it as simple as that. Chad Campbell’s swing is virtually identical.

  • golfdash

    I agree David. Heck, I posted it and still have watched like 15 times. It is really quite memorizing. Maybe I need to watch it like 50 times before I play my next round!


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  • Great video! In one tour de force you have the swing that almost drove him to drink (pre-1946, distinctly outside to inside but hitting a relatively straight block>but absolutely no sense of chase down the line from the inside), as well as his post-April 1946 swing where you see a distinct chase move that moves immediately left but from the inside. The post accident footage of 1950 and beyond his power thrust out of his right side is much more pronounced, but still transitions into a level swivel of the hips to complete or more properly catch-up to all the weight and momentum staged to his left side. Even the chip shows a marked rolling open or fanning of the club face that he specifically spoke of in Five Lessons.

  • Having the great fortune to learn from Mr. Hogan in the 60’s I can tell you that he thought his swing should never be imitated because he manipulated it to compensate for his double jointed wrists and his injuries. He always told me to find my natural swing and learn how to play with imagination and feel that mechanics were a waste of time. He also said he didn’t like his book and I shouldn’t use it to learn from because it was a description of what his swing looked like not what he felt.

  • golfdash

    Thanks for the comment Eben! Would love to chat with you quickly about doing something for our blog. Please contact me through our contact form. Thanks and happy holidays!

  • Eddie Hiatt

    Best swing their ever was. What’s the song in the back ground?

  • golfdash

    Eddie – love watching that swing (just watched it again!) – not exactly sure what the song is in the background but I love how it sort of re-inforces the Hogan “Mystique” – Thanks for stopping by.


  • Eddy Oliver

    Sheer poetry, Fred Astaire with a golf club.
    Watch it a thousand times and then watch it again.
    The modern fundamentals is still “The only lessons” you will ever need.

  • golfdash

    I totally agree Eddy. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Dave

    The song is “London” off of the Blood Diamond Soundtrack. Also, Hogan’s swing is pure. Beautiful to watch.

  • golfdash

    Thanks for that Dave. Had no clue that was the song but it eerily fits the haunting mystique of Hogan – don’t you think?


  • Tim

    Simply the best swing in golf. Thanks for sharing.

  • The man certainly practiced it enough and could he ever play. I’m not sure it’s a swing that most of the rest of us could emulate. Hogan had some unique physical characteristics that he used to his advantage. I like the swings of some of the young players today, like Oosthuzien. They are simple and almost effortless. It’s amazing how many young players – the twenty somethings – look the same. It seems to be the ‘less is more’ approach.

  • wander Roberto Rodrigues

    Ben Hogan ! He is the best all time ! amazing swing , Memorized slow motion and be happy !!!
    i really love ben hogan!!!!!!!

  • golfdash

    Absolutely Roberto! Thanks for stopping by at our blog.

  • golfdash

    My pleasure. Thanks for stopping by the GolfDashBlog. Doug

  • Great tips. Thanks

  • golf is a great sport but the equipments are quite expensive too.~`

  • Whenever I need a little inspiration lately, I view this video. Just a beautiful, effortless golf swing! Thanks for sharing it.


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  • I agree. See my review of Laird Small’s book ‘Golf The Pebble Beach Way’, it’s exactly what it deals with.

  • Scott, if you have an iPad take a look at the ‘Everyday Golf Coach HD’. This is a beautiful application with terrific visuals.

  • Hi John, I will have to put the iPad on my X-mas list!

  • What a beautiful golf swing. It’s as good as if not better than most of the swings out there today. It’s incredible how he keeps his left arm so straight throughout the golf swing.

    Watching the flight of his ball in the older footage was really special as well. The guy really had it all!

  • Timothy Brodersen

    Ben Hogan truly has probably one of the best/sweetest golf swings the world has ever seen. It is so smooth and effortless, unlike many golfers of today. They seem to swing so much harder with more effort, alomost violent-like. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great golfers and hit the ball long and straight, but Ben Hogan was so amazing – so smooth. I have traditionally been starting my downswing with too much hands, arms and shoulders before lower body (hip turn). Untill I found some of Ben Hogans videos, I haven’t really found anything or anyone’s swing that could help me. I’ve been studying Ben’s swing for awhile now, but once I saw this video, I watched it over and over and over and…. It motivated me so much I had to donwload the soundtrack and listen to it at the range while I tried to emulate as much of his downswing as possible. I think I’ve found something that has helped me. Trying do start the downswing like Ben Hogan is truly amazing. I hit shots straighter and as far, or most often farther, with so much less effort. It is truly unbelievable. I don’t have it down yet, but if I keep concentrating on his swing, I think I’ll be able to play so much better with a lot less effort. I suggest all of you who are looking for an effortless way to play much better golf, you should watch Ben Hogans swing over and over and over and……. It feels so smooth too. Good golfing all.

  • Bill Tucker

    How do I get the “widget” so I can watch your Ben Hogan swing study?
    Thanks, Bill

  • golfdash

    Hi Bill,

    Not sure what “widget” you are referring to.


  • john t.


  • golfdash

    Hey John! Sorry for the late reply but I researched this video and it has been removed by the video owner. I hated to see that because it was such a beautiful montage of the great Hogan swing. I have since replaced it with a new one. Although I love the new one the original one I wrote about was (in my opinion) much better. Not much I can do when the owner removes their videos.

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  • King Ward

    Beautiful video. God, I wish I could feel what he felt while he was swinging the golf club. Feeling the swing is the key to repeating it. Whatever his precepts were must still have been reduced to a feeling he experienced when he swung. If I could experience those sensations just once or twice, then maybe I could finally reach my own golfing potential. What a game! Thanks for posting this treasure.

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