An Amazing Ben Hogan Golf Video

Not sure about you but I never tire of seeing the power and beauty of Ben Hogan’s golf swing on video.

I happened to come across this Ben Hogan video, which I had not seen before. A lot of the footage I had not seen either so it was a pretty cool find (for me anyway)

Additionally, it has a nice, new-age soundtrack allowing you to fully concentrate on the swing.

Now that I am thinking about it, it is nice not to have verbal analysis of a golf swing for a change – what your left with is a classic golf swing An Amazing Ben Hogan Golf Videothat is just beautiful to watch. Enjoy.

Would love to hear your comments or thoughts on it. Thanks!

Note: The video above is NOT the original I wrote about initially. It was removed from YouTube by the video owner. I have replaced it with a new one which I like very much (although I loved the initial one better and wish it still lived in YouTube land but unfortunately it does not any longer)

A MUST have – The Ben Hogan Collection An Amazing Ben Hogan Golf Video

My favorite new Ben Hogan book – The Secret of Hogan’s Swing An Amazing Ben Hogan Golf Video

Love this one,too – Hogan An Amazing Ben Hogan Golf Video

pixel An Amazing Ben Hogan Golf Video

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