GolfDash Best Golf Swing Training Aids

Here are some of the best golf swing training aids that we recommend. We have personally used all these and highly recommend to anyone wanting to measurably improve their golf game. We tried to select the simplest, most "non-gimmicky" training aids that have stood the test of time. Some you might … [Read more...]

Golf in Scandinavia


Golfing in Scandinavia is one of the thrills when I visit Europe - mostly due to the almost 24 hours of light in the land of "the midnight sun." We are actually heading to beautiful Sweden, in the heart of the summer (end of July-Beginning of August), to stay at a friends in Västerås, a quaint … [Read more...]

Ready for the 2012 Masters?


Ah, the Masters! Nothing quite like it - the blazing azaleas, the majestic pines, the lush, rolling fairways - and all the spectacle, drama and history that has and continues to happen there. It's right around the corner (April 5-8, 2012) so I wanted to whet your appetite a little just in the … [Read more...]

Happy 8th Anniversary to the GolfBlogger!


Wanted to give a shout-out to my buddy, John, over at It was his 8 year anniversary of the launch of just a few days ago. Congrats, my good man! 8 years. Wow! that's pretty amazing when you think about it. Here at GolfDash I think we're about 4 or so now but to be … [Read more...]

High Performance Nutrition for Golfers


Golf nutrition and the use of supplements to increase performance is, in my opinion, very often misunderstood. In this article we will be exploring some of those myths. Any high performance athlete is always looking for the edge. Whether that is instruction, biomechanics, fitness, mental game or … [Read more...]

The Dumbest Golf Product at the 2012 Boston Golf Expo


Want to know what this year's dumbest golf product is from the 2012 Boston Golf Expo golf show? Well, here's who gets highest honors. I'm always surprised at how really dumb some golf products are. Keep in mind, it's only my opinion, and I apologize in advance if someone thinks this is the … [Read more...]