Quick Nine: Interview with Ophthalmologist Dr. Joseph Fishkin on Vision and Golf


We strive to bring as much up-to-date and cutting edge golf information that we can to our readers. To that end, I recently interviewed renowned ophthalmologist, Joseph Fishkin, on vision and how it effects more than you know about your golf game (particularly as you get older). As you know, … [Read more...]

New Frontier in Golf Instruction

Quiet Mind Golf

  We have a real treat for all you readers who are trying to improve your golf swing and your enjoyment of the game. I'd venture that's all of us. So what's so exciting? There are some new breakthroughs in neuroscience that are having an impact on most sports, especially the learning … [Read more...]

Re-Generate Your Golf Muscles Using a Foam Roller


If you have never used a foam roller on your muscles you're in for a real "tortuous" experience. I almost guarantee you'll be wincing, cursing and feeling pain like you haven't in some time. Fun, fun. So why on Earth would you do this? To get the damn knots and adhesions out of your muscles and … [Read more...]

A World of Golf


When people tee off for a game of golf, it’s usually on perfect greens and golden sand dunes with nothing more perilous than bad winter weather to deal with. But have you ever thought of swinging your golf clubs with the mighty Himalayas as your backdrop, or between minefields in the Korean … [Read more...]