Proprioception Training for Golf


Proprioception is a term you might not know but it's one you may want to get familiar with if you're serious about improving your golf game. Here's why. Funny, I have heard about proprioception before but never paid much attention to it. But I was reminded of it watching the Sean Foley video in … [Read more...]

Putt ‘n Poop


I just had to put this in. I mean we have all these cool golf gadgets and golf training aids. Things like the Gyroscope, the Momentus, The Inside Approach, The Secret and on and on. All these really high-brow, fancy-dancy golf inventions. What what about the lower-brow ones - like Bathroom … [Read more...]

Journey to Become a Professional Golfer


My wife's son, Andy Lesenski, is heading off to North North Carolina in a few months to pursue his dream of playing on the PGA Tour. He will start on the eGolf Tour, based in North Carolina and his goal is to make it to Q school (PGA Tour Q School). I first met Andy when my wife and I first got … [Read more...]

Driving the Ball Longer with Ernie Els

Arguably there is no sweeter swing in golf than Ernie Els (well, maybe Charles Barkley) and a lot can be learned from studying Ernie's Swing. Part of studying is, of course, watching and I certainly have no proof of this but for just rhythm alone (one of the keys to a solid golf swing) you might … [Read more...]