How To Hit The Ball First

How to consistently strike golf balls!

If you've been playing golf awhile and have taken lessons or read a couple of golf instruction books, then you know that IDEALLY you are supposed to hit the ball first with your irons and then take a divot. Now I ask you, 'Can you do this?'. How many members of your foursome can do this? The … [Read more...]

Jack Nicklaus on Golf Course Architecture

Recently I have been getting very interested in golf course architecture. Not that I haven't before but I'm reading more, studying more about it and hope to share more of my finds with our GolfDash friends. I posted the video above just give a glance at what golf course architects actually do. It … [Read more...]

Nike Lunar Control Shoes Are Keepers

Nike Lunar Control golf shoe

The local pro comes up to me yesterday and says, 'Great looking shoes, what are they?' Pretty impressive when a 30 year PGA pro sees something new on the course. This year, right before the Masters, Nike sent me a pair on their Lunar Control golf shoes with Master's green highlights in the sole … [Read more...]