How To Hit The Ball First

How to consistently strike golf balls!

If you've been playing golf awhile and have taken lessons or read a couple of golf instruction books, then you know that IDEALLY you are supposed to hit the ball first with your irons and then take a divot. Now I ask you, 'Can you do this?'. How many members of your foursome can do this? The … [Read more...]

Jack Nicklaus on Golf Course Architecture

Recently I have been getting very interested in golf course architecture. Not that I haven't before but I'm reading more, studying more about it and hope to share more of my finds with our GolfDash friends. I posted the video above just give a glance at what golf course architects actually do. It … [Read more...]

Lab Rats, Peanut Butter and Your Best Golf Game – Ever!


In my opinion, today's mainstream golf teacher is very one-dimensional and can only help players wishing to improve in a very limited way. I know a lot of pros will highly disagree with this view but hear me out. I'm not saying it's they're fault, per say, but a LOT more goes into playing … [Read more...]