British Open Lessons

Darren Clarke

Congrats to Darren Clarke! It's been a long time coming, but perhaps that makes his win even sweeter. For those who were really paying attention, the game of golf taught us a lot about itself during this year's British Open. Golf is not an easy game. There's a big gulf between the very good and … [Read more...]

Tiger’s Plight and British Open Prediction

Royal St. George's

It's clear to anyone who's paying attention that Tiger is one hurting dude physically. As I wrote before the Masters, it started to become clear this year that Tiger's playing problems had nothing to do with his indiscretions and everything to do with his beat up body. Tiger is the first of the new … [Read more...]

Are We Pushing Golf Technology Too Far?


Unfortunately we live in a world gone mad with consumerism. And it's unbridled consumerism that's killing golf. To those making the big bucks in golf, everything looks rosy. That's probably what Nero thought before he saw the flames devouring Rome. Equipment companies are having a feast, though … [Read more...]