How to Prevent the Dreaded “Coming Over the Top” Move


Let's face the "coming over the top" is one of the most dreaded moves in golf. In this post I'll take a look at one particular technique to solve this problem that has been working wonders in my game. Basically "coming over the top" means you start the downswing with your shoulders. It is a total … [Read more...]

My GolfTec Club Fitting Experience


I recently got custom fit for new golf irons through the franchise, GolfTec, in Burlington, MA. The process was extremely interesting and I'll share the process below. Getting custom-fit for golf clubs is one of the buzzwords nowadays but I think totally warranted. We've done a number of pieces … [Read more...]

Atlantic Canada Is Calling

Fairmont Algonquin Resort

For those looking for a summer or fall golf vacation that's challenging, uncrowded, kind to the bank account and populated with cheerful locals, then look no further than Atlantic Canada. I see that look on some of your faces so let me explain what Atlantic Canada is. Basically it's everything east … [Read more...]

Getting Custom fit for New Golf Irons


I am off this coming week to get custom fit for a new set of irons. It's been about 8 years or so since my last set and since I am re-committing to playing a lot more golf (and getting better) I figure I am due. Since re-committing to my golf game I have done quite a few things. I have started a … [Read more...]