Developing Rotational Golf Power

I've been putting a lot of time into getting my core into shape before the new golf season. Exercising the core is critical if you want to increase your golf power. To that end, I just ordered a GoFit Medicine Ballfrom Amazon. Note: It's the kind that bounces and you can throw against the wall! … [Read more...]

Neck Strength and the Golf Swing


Not sure about you but I have never really given the neck much thought in terms of exercise in developing a sound golf swing. But due to my recent golf mechanical assessment, I have realized just how important the neck is is a number of ways. We'll look at some of those in today's piece and also … [Read more...]

Becoming a Better Golfer – What Holds us Back?


I promise this is the last word I'm writing on how to be a better golfer - at least for a little while! Beyond technology, beyond teachers, beyond mindset and beyond understanding mechanics there are two important issues that limit our ability to get better. I'll even go out on a limb and say … [Read more...]

Understanding the Swing Plane

Paul Wilson, Swing Machine Golf, Squaring the club face

You can think and study a lot about the golf swing, only to surprise yourself one day that you missed something obvious that's also fundamental. For me it's the position of the arc of the swing during the downswing, in particular the point where the club face, handle and sternum are all on the same … [Read more...]

Dreaming of Cape Cod Golf


It's an odd thing to be thinking about playing golf in Cape Cod in the middle of the winter but I've been planning a getaway in midsummer to play some of my favorite Cape Cod Golf Courses, most of which I haven't played in years. See, I live in Western, Ma, which is about 2.5+ hours Southeast … [Read more...]