My Golf Biomechanics Assessment Revealed


As I mentioned in my last post, Off to the Golf Biomechanics Doctor, I had my first Golf Biomechanics Assessment in Boston this past weekend and, man, was it an eye-opener! It completely changed my view of exactly how critical biomechanics are to a solid, repeatable golf swing. Not knowing … [Read more...]

Off to the Golf Biomechanics Doctor


So I'm off to get my golf biomechanics assessment this coming weekend in Boston. I have been harping on golf biomechanics for some time and actually believe we're one of the few golf blogs that focus on this often misunderstood area of golf conditioning. The last article being More on Golf Mechanics … [Read more...]

Plastic Golf Spikes Suck!


I am totally with my GolfDash partner, John, who wrote a great article a while back titled, You Need a New Pair of Golf Shoes. It was totally on the money. The gist of it being *most* golf shoes are really not that comfortable or really that effective for the average golfer. I'll tell you why. … [Read more...]

Fix a Shank and a Lot More

Shanked golf shot

You can shank a shot for a number of reasons, but one thing is clear, the heel of your club, including the hosel, strikes the ball at impact. Because the hosel is round, the ball squirts drastically right (if you are golfing right-handed). Let's assume you setup with the ball lined up with the … [Read more...]