Can New Underwear Make You a Better Golfer?


Can new underwear make you a better golfer? Interesting question, huh? But I know what you'll be asking next. Should I wear boxers, briefs, bikinis or what? Can't you see I'm trying to have a little fun before the New Year? But there IS a serious side to this topic. Really. See, I have been … [Read more...]

Guaranteed to Improve Your Golf Game!

Rocco Mediate Step Through Drill

I've now seen a couple of more of the Golf Channels '12 Nights at the Academy'. If you have this channel, then it's a must see. They have done more for instruction with this series than the last 10 years of golf magazine articles put together. Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving and tune in. … [Read more...]

Does Golf Need A New Kind Of Publication?


I read a lot of golf magazines. Or, more correctly, I peruse a lot of golf magazines. It’s part of my job to be up on the latest in golf, so I go to the local bookstore and leaf through seven or eight different ones each month to get the latest and greatest news on golf. I never really considered … [Read more...]

PGA National – Would You Live There?

PGA National, Palm Beach Gardens Florida

PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens is one of thousands of golf communities in Florida. Recently my wife and I were down south looking for somewhere to escape the winter's cold in the Northeast and I just had to stop by PGA National. Its championship course is where they play the Honda Classic and … [Read more...]