Tiger’s Mount Everest

Tiger Woods Attempts Comeback

The comeback kid - a lot of pro golfers have tried it but most have failed to get all the way back to their glory days. The Steve Strickers of the world are definitely in the minority. Ernie Els has never gotten all the way back since he tore up his knee. David Duval has come a long way, but will he … [Read more...]

How to Expand Your Mind for Better Golf


I having been giving a lot of thought and putting into practice Dr. Joseph Parent's concept of "Big Mind" in relation to my mental golf game and it seems to be really paying off. Dr. Joe Parent is one of the top golf psychologists in the game today as has worked with top PGA pros like Vijay … [Read more...]

Best and Worst of Times

Golf Courses closing around U.S.

I just discovered that one of the local semi-private golf courses is offering a new membership deal. At first, when I saw it posted in the clubhouse, I couldn't understand it because it seemed unbelievable.  Here it is in its simplest form: 2 year membership for $198 + tax! This is for a club where … [Read more...]