When Your Golf Swing Goes Bad (I mean really bad)


I was having the damnest time recently with my swing - really coming over the top in a wickedly fashion and having the ball too far forward which was causing me to "flick at the ball' with my hands, therefore, I was not getting a solid strike to the ball. The ball could have gone anywhere - and did. … [Read more...]

Why Amateur Golfers Don’t Improve


Since everybody else seems willing to pontificate about what's wrong with the amateur golf swing, I might as well give it a go. Here's the inside scoop; It's all about knowledge of what really happens in the golf swing. Up until the last few years, golf teaching has been based on what a star … [Read more...]

PGA Championship – Golf Survives Nicely

Martin Kaymer

I don't care if Tiger or Phil weren't in it on Sunday, the PGA Championship was exciting right up to the conclusion. It's too soon to anoint new superstars of golf, but some of the young guns we saw Sunday are going to replace the World's top ranked golfers before too long. Forget the mistakes … [Read more...]