US Open-After The Dust Has Settled

Graem McDowell Wins US Open at Pebble Beach

It was a great US Open at Pebble Beach for 3 days. If I'm honest and objective then Sunday was probably great as well, but it sure didn't feel that way. Is the Open so hard these days that it always seems like the winner backs in instead of grabbing it by the throat. It did last year and I feel the … [Read more...]

US Open: Phil’s on the Move!


That was fun yesterday watching Phil and his "birdie-barrage" yesterday at the US Open. Man, that guy can really turn it on at times. I guess that's why we all seem to love Phil. I couldn't help but notice the inherent differences between Phil and Tiger yesterday. Even though Tiger is playing … [Read more...]

Custom Golf Club Fitting (Part 2)

Bob Swets of NoSwetGolf

So it was sure fun heading out to Avon, CT to meet Bob Swets of NoSweatGolf on Saturday (see pic above) to get custom fit for a driver. It was brutally hot and humid that day so it made things a bit more difficult with all the sweat (not Swet!) dripping and losing grip on some of the clubs, etc. … [Read more...]

Custom Club Fitting Starts Today!


Well, today is the beginning of my custom golf club fitting process. I am heading out today to meet with Bob Swets of NoSwetGolf in Farmington, CT. (cool name, huh!) I have been doing a tremendous amount of reading and research on how custom golf club fitting can really make a measurable … [Read more...]