Golf In France


I'll admit it but a golf holiday in France is not the first destination I think about when considering a golf getaway. Not for any particular reason, just for lack of knowledge about it's courses and golfing scene in general. And it's not like they have just a few course. France boasts over 550 … [Read more...]

The New “Browning” of Golf Courses


I was glad to see the article, Is Brown the New Green? recently in the Wall Street Journal. John has written about this before in an article a few years back (he's always ahead of the trends!) called, Brown Courses are Good Courses. I really get tired thinking that Augusta (and many other PGA … [Read more...]

How Custom Golf Club Fitting Can Measurably Improve Your Game


Check out this video to see the advantages of how custom golf club fitting can definitely improve your golf game. I love this guy Tom Wishon. He is the voice of reason and practicality in an often, very confusing and mis-leading golf equipment market. This piece above is all about what custom … [Read more...]

Pro Golf Update

2010 Players Championship Winner

I apologize for not writing in the last couple of weeks, but personal life does get in the way from time to time. So where do we stand in the world of men's pro golf these days? It was announced today that Tiger and Hank Haney are going their separate ways... not surprising. Tiger is in need of … [Read more...]

My Dream Hawaii Golf Destinations

kapalua golf course

We are trying to plan our big family trip for early 2011 and have come down to a few destinations, including a Caribbean cruise and a a Hawaiian vacation. I have been a on numerous cruises to the Caribbean so, I have to admit, the lure of Hawaii is strong. Just that we live in Massachusetts and … [Read more...]