Golf In France


I'll admit it but a golf holiday in France is not the first destination I think about when considering a golf getaway. Not for any particular reason, just for lack of knowledge about it's courses and golfing scene in general. And it's not like they have just a few course. France boasts over 550 … [Read more...]

The New “Browning” of Golf Courses


I was glad to see the article, Is Brown the New Green? recently in the Wall Street Journal. John has written about this before in an article a few years back (he's always ahead of the trends!) called, Brown Courses are Good Courses. I really get tired thinking that Augusta (and many other PGA … [Read more...]

How Custom Golf Club Fitting Can Measurably Improve Your Game


Check out this video to see the advantages of how custom golf club fitting can definitely improve your golf game. I love this guy Tom Wishon. He is the voice of reason and practicality in an often, very confusing and mis-leading golf equipment market. This piece above is all about what custom … [Read more...]

My Dream Hawaii Golf Destinations

kapalua golf course

We are trying to plan our big family trip for early 2011 and have come down to a few destinations, including a Caribbean cruise and a a Hawaiian vacation. I have been a on numerous cruises to the Caribbean so, I have to admit, the lure of Hawaii is strong. Just that we live in Massachusetts and … [Read more...]