Spanish Rebel: Miguel Angel Jimenez


I have always really dug this pony-tailed, somewhat eccentric guy from Spain, Miguel Angel Jimenez, not only for his amazing golf game but also for his swashbuckling ways and love of life - including fine wines and expensive cigars. (Reminds me a bit of his American counterpart I wrote about - Who … [Read more...]

The Quest for a New Driver


So I have been on a quest a for a new golf driver for about a month now. Finding the right driver can be both maddening and fun at the same time but I've made my choice. I kept hemming and hawing about it because I did not play as much as anticipated in the last few years but I have re-dedicated … [Read more...]

Surprised Tiger is in the Hunt? – Not Me!


Maybe it's the curse of getting older, I'm not really sure, but not a whole heck of a lot seems to surprise me. So to see Tiger Woods 2 back at the Masters going into the weekend doesn't really surprise me. Why doesn't it surprise me? because you just don't lose talent like Tiger has. Sure there … [Read more...]

Master’s Dream Leaderboard


In case you were under a rock yesterday, or maybe pumping out your basement here in Rhode Island, Day 1 of the 2010 Masters has given us the most phenomenal leaderboard imaginable. Just about anyone that should be at the top is there. Lead by the geezers Tom Watson and Freddy Couples, Phil … [Read more...]