What Is A Peak Performance Golf Swing?

Peak Performance Golf Swing

Have you heard of the Peak Performance Golf Swing? I'll bet not many of you have, but I think that will change this year. I found out about it by clicking on a link in an email - I'm not even sure which one. I do this a lot to check out 'new' golf instruction, but most are dead-ends. However, the … [Read more...]

Unabashed Advice On Learning to Play Golf

golfing lesson

Maybe there's no silver bullet for becoming a better golfer, but I think there are some basics that can help most anyone on learning to play golf. The bigger question is - will you do it? I mean losing weight is easy for most people - just eat fewer calories than you burn up. But, but, … [Read more...]

Tiger Woods and a New Kind of Power

I watched both interviews with Tiger yesterday. One with Kelly Tilghman of The Golf Channel and the one above with Tom Rinaldo of ESPN. Both covered a lot of ground and both were fairly candid I thought. To me anyway, it certainly does look like a new Tiger - in a lot of ways. He mentioned … [Read more...]

Michael Breed Is Good For Golf Instruction

The Golf Fix

I've started to pay more attention this year to 'The Golf Fix'  Monday nights on The Golf Channel. It's hard not to like Michael Breed and his show. He sure has a lot of energy and most of the time he puts it to good use. And, I just love his swing. He really does great  swing … [Read more...]

Will The Haney Project Kill Golf Instruction?

Ray Romano and The Haney Project

I saw a few episodes of last year's first season of The Haney Project with Charles Barkley. It was mostly about Sir Charles and had little to do with golf instruction. I guess it was The Golf Channel's version of  reality TV. The second season, which just got underway, is with Ray Romano. … [Read more...]

Dumbest Golf Game of 2010 (So Far)


So last weekend I headed out to the National Golf Expo show in Boston. I will be sharing some of my observations in some upcoming posts but I first wanted to share with you my "Dumbest Golf Game Product of 2010" (who knows, maybe there will be more but, in my opinion, this is a front runner!) The … [Read more...]

Hip Slide To Stay Behind The Ball

Ben Hogan downswing lateral slide

You've probably read a lot of golf instruction that tells you that you to stay behind the ball at impact, or at least keep you head behind it. Have you tried to do this, but found it nearly impossible? Here's a magic move,  if you're not already doing it, that will dramatically improve your contact, … [Read more...]

Golf in Portugal


I am going to make it a point to start covering more "world" golf here at the GolfDash blog. There are just so many cool courses, venues and styles of golf - particularly on the European Tour. One upcoming tournament is the The Estoril Open de Portugal which will return to the Penha Longa Hotel … [Read more...]