‘Four Cornerstones of Winning Golf’

Harmon book

My good friend Brandon Williams was kind enough to send me an autographed copy of Claude & Butch Harmon's golf instruction book, 'The Four Cornerstones of Winning Golf'. I was excited to add it to my growing golf library, but, to be honest, I was prepared to chalk it up as just another 'how to' … [Read more...]

Tiger’s Scary Future As A Tour Pro


Let me first acknowledge the 400 pound gorilla, Tiger's apology on Friday. As a golf fan, I don't feel that Tiger owes me an apology. Of course, we're all entitled to our own opinion on this one. If he had announced that he had been using performance enhancing drugs for the last 5 years, then yes an … [Read more...]

What we can learn from David Duval

david duval swing

I know, I know - enough David Duval . . . but I really did want to mention something that I think is important in golf and sports in general. And it was something David mentioned in the last post I did called, David Duval - Back in the Saddle Again - and it was part of the press conference he did … [Read more...]

Today’s Best Full Swing Instruction


I just spent 3 days in the Adirondacks with some old friends. I brought with me the latest copy of Golf International magazine, though there was little time to read it between Euchre, Pig and the occassional beer. However, I did have enough time to read the best article on swing mechanics that … [Read more...]

The Career of Jean Van De Velde

I happened to run across the video above of Jean Van De Velde talking about his collapse in the 1999 British Open and later another collapse after leading by 1 stroke in the 2005 French Open. Even listening to this interview I somehow still have the impression that he just doesn't get it - that … [Read more...]