Values and Golf


I was just reading this piece on the Golf Channel site on how Tom Watson expressed his concern about how Tiger's off-the-course behavior is affecting the game: “It’s bad for our game,” Watson said of the Woods’ sex scandal in an interview with KSHB-TV, a Kansas City NBC affiliate. “It’s something … [Read more...]

Pro Golf Takes, But Does It Give Enough?


Who can question the taking, with record professional purses and at least one golf superstar earning in excess of $100 million a year. To put that in perspective, that's the amount that the U.S. government has pledged for Haiti relief, a country were it is estimated 200,000 people may have lost … [Read more...]

Left Arm in Golf Swing – Straight or Relaxed?

7 laws of the golf swing

Anytime I hear the "straight left arm" in the golf swing I cringe. Just the visual of it will put your mind in an un-dynamic position. It's like a shortstop waiting for a ground ball with straight legs - kinda hard to be agile from that position. I think there's a lot of mis-understanding about … [Read more...]

Sheer Golf Power! This guy Jamie Sadlowski is incredible to watch in this long drive contest video. Talk about sheer power! The guy is 5'10" tall and 165 lbs! A couple things I noticed when watching his swing. First, it is so well balanced. Not some sort of wind up and … [Read more...]