Golf Resolutions for 2010


My resolution, is to not have to start my golf game at square one each year. At the end of each season I try to make a list of the key things I learned about my game. The hope is that I can start the spring at square ten, but I can't say it's always worked. I'm not sure my current list will help … [Read more...]

Next Year’s Golf Vacation


Even if you can't afford to visit a top golf course or two next year, it's fun to daydream. A great place to start is the website for 'Top 100 Golf Courses'. They have just released their new listings for the world's top courses for 2010. I suppose I should be wrapping presents, but I've had a lot … [Read more...]

Golf in Scotland Resource Guide


I wanted to do something a little different in a post so I decided to compile a LOT of great content about golfing in Scotland. I had no idea we had this much Scottish golf content! So if your ever looking to take a Scottish golf trip this might be a good post to look at (and refer to) for … [Read more...]

Tiger’s Priorities and The Future of Golf


As everyone knows by now, Tiger has stopped playing competitive golf concentrating instead on being a husband and a father. No one but Tiger, Elin, and maybe his business manager, know what that really means so let's give him the benefit of the doubt and take it at face value. Because 'golf' has … [Read more...]

My Top 10 Best Golf Books


These are some of my all time favorite golf books. If you are looking for a new golf book idea or perhaps as a holiday gift, you might want to check out why these have made my top 10 list. I have tried to include instructional golf books to golf course books and some other eclectic choices as well. … [Read more...]

You, Me and Tiger’s Transgressions

tiger outed

When the story of Tiger's 'problems' first broke, I vowed to myself I wouldn't write about it. But I find that I can't resist (et tu Tiger?) because there is something valuable to think about here besides the possibly lurid details that may come to light. First, do any of us really know Tiger the … [Read more...]