La Cantera, San Antonio Golf Resort Gem


If you're a bottom line type of person, then here it is for La Cantera - when in San Antonio you've got to play this course! It has terrific golf, a beautiful resort and great views of this part of Texas. This place has all the amenities you'd expect of a first class Westin resort. The impressive … [Read more...]

Hitting The Texas Golf Trail


My wife and I are in Texas visiting family who have been kind enough to set us up with golf at some of the Lone Star state's most challenging courses. We started at the Resort Course at La Cantera, a 7100 yard monster that has 5 sets of tee boxes for maximum challenge and sweeping views of San … [Read more...]

Quick Nine with Golf Zen Master Dr. Joe Parent


1. GolfDash: How does the mind "influence" the physical body and vice versa? Dr. Joe: I like to say that the golf swing is 90% mental and 10% mental. That is to say, there is nothing that we do physically that is not, at some level, controlled by our mind. The key is finding a way to let the … [Read more...]

Learning Aids for Amateur Golfers


I know what you're thinking, if there was really 'A Way' to get better in golf, some guy or gal out there would be richer than Tiger. You couldn't build a practice facility big enough to hold all the people who'd be throwing money your way. In spite of that reasoning, I do believe that major … [Read more...]

Golf at the Elite Liberty National Golf Club


I found this article by Mike Palmer on Liberty National Golf Club and thought you might enjoy it. "When we hopped out of the golf cart on the second tee, we took in one of the most spectacular views on a golf course I've ever seen – the Statue of Liberty stood right behind the pin. Beyond that, … [Read more...]