Golf Game Killer: The Sway


Admit it, you sway, I sway, we all sway. Many times when my game falters I can trace it to the dreaded sway. Unfortunately this usually doesn't happen until I've looked a lot of other places first. Even your putts aren't safe from the dreaded sway. Golf involves a lot of movement; twisting, … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Golf Art from GolfSketch


As many of you know my other passion is art and I just love looking at it, producing it and writing about it and now creating DVDs on it. I actually recently completed an DVD called, An Introductory Guide to Oil Painting Tools and Supplies which was a ton of fun to create, script, shoot, edit and … [Read more...]

President’s Cup As Golf Teaching Aid


Day for day you saw more educational golf watching the President's Cup than for any regular tour event. Because every match and most every hole is important, you actually get to experience almost the full round for every golfer. From this experience, there's a lot to be learned about the game of … [Read more...]

How About a Las Vegas Golf Holiday?


The plan is to head out to Vegas soon for a little gambling, R & R, golf and my wife HAS to see Barry Manilow so the trip is now in the queue. I have been to Vegas a number of times - mostly to trade shows with former companies I worked with. But I always loved the beauty, weather and energy … [Read more...]

Better Golf Through Managing Spinal Tilt


I'm convinced that improperly managing spinal tilt versus the hips in golf swing is one of the biggest problems that amateur golfers have. It's made a huge improvement in my own game. I first got turned onto this concept in Nick Bradley's book: The 7 Laws of the Golf Swing As you address the ball … [Read more...]

President’s Cup Needs Better Production Values


As I'm writing this Saturday afternoon, the U.S. is up 10 to 7, perhaps enroute to another drubbing of the International side. However, that doesn't mean it isn't great drama and hasn't been exciting. Cup competitions are great for TV viewers, because every shot and every group is important, unlike … [Read more...]

President’s Cup 2009 – Essential Information


2009 President's Cup October 6-11 at Harding Park Golf Course located in San Francisco, CA See course flyover Here are the matches and how they unfold for the next few days. Thursday, October 8 - Foursome Matches Friday, October 9 - Four-ball Matches Saturday, October 10 - Foursome … [Read more...]