The Truth About Playing Better Golf


I'm going to let you in on a little secret about improving your golf game. I've validated it based on my own game, my friends' games and PGA Tour pros. First we start playing golf and after a period, let's say a couple of years, we reach a plateau. This plateau is more than a scoring range, it's … [Read more...]

Save Golf, Let The Free Market Work


Talk to private golf club owners and you'll see that many are having problems, namely not enough members to support their clubs. Why? Because their old members are dying off and are not being replaced by younger ones. Add to this that there are lots of new courses being built every year, but the … [Read more...]

Quick Nine: Interview with Golf Fitness Pro Katherine Roberts


I have always been a fan of Katherine Roberts and her golf fitness expertise. I reviewed the excellent movie, The Back Nine (by Jon Fitzgerald) a few weeks back (Best Golf Film of the Year: The Back Nine) and Katherine was featured very prominently in it. Katherine is as much a terrific personal … [Read more...]

Cure For The Shanks


It's even hard to type the dreaded 'S' word that every golfer has experienced at one time or another. Last week, my wife and I and 13 other couples went to Maine for a 3-day golf vacation. On the second day I played with a friend who started to SHANK his irons on the back nine. He was hitting … [Read more...]

Tiger Shark Grip Just Right – Review


I have to be honest, this hasn't been the summer of John's terrific putting. I admit I haven't practiced enough, but that doesn't mean I haven't tried a lot of different things. Back in June I wrote about trying and liking the 'Giant Pistol' grip from Winn (Big Fat Putter Grips - Do They Work?). … [Read more...]

Golf in Sweden


I have had a relationship with Sweden now going on 20 years. Actually, my GolfDash partner, John, was my boss way back then and sent me to Stockholm as kind of a "work exchange" program. Since that time I have made a number of good friends there and a few really close ones. I would say I have … [Read more...]

How to Start a Proper Golf Downswing

The golf downswing is one of the most critical moves in obtaining a consistent golf swing. And there is no one better to help explain (and show) this key move then Tiger's coach, Hank Haney. One note: an important point Hank mentions is "You can't make a proper downswing unless you complete a … [Read more...]