Best Golf Film of The Year: The Back Nine


So I finally got a chance to watch Jon Fitzgerald's wonderful film, The Back Nine, It's Time to Take Your Shot, which he so generously sent me. The film chronicles Jon's quest to play pro golf at the age of 40. I must admit when first watching it that Jon's swing was no where near professional … [Read more...]

PGA Promoting Golf As An Investment


This just in from Standard & Poor's 'The Outlook' August 26, 2009 edition: 'GOLF — GOOD FOR THE U.S.: Golf is not just an enjoyable way to spend your leisure time. Golf benefits society by creating jobs, protecting the environment, and supporting charities, says the Professional Golfers … [Read more...]

Pride Golf Tees Review

Pride Golf Tee

I suppose it's not glamorous to review golf tees. It's certainly more attention getting to talk about the latest in drivers or putters. But don't be fooled because a golf tee seems so innocuous. It's an important part of the game and golf tees are not all created equal. If you shop golf tees … [Read more...]

An Italian Summer Full of Food, Golf and Family


My wife and I took a trip to Lake Como district in Italy a few years back and we absolutely fell in love with the environment, food, people, lifestyle - I guess just about everything. It is really a hard place to explain, as words never seem to do it justice. So when the book, "Italian Summer, … [Read more...]

Asia Has It’s Own Francis Oiumet Now

Francis Ouimet

First, my hat off to Doug for a great piece on Monday called The Beauty of Tiger Losing. Read it below if you haven't already. It says more about sports and what attracts us as players and spectators than you'll read in 100 magazine articles. Now to the 2009 PGA Championship. Congratulations to … [Read more...]

Is There Any Decent Golf Art Out There Today?


One of my other passions besides golf is art and like any good art lover I cannot seem to get enough (or often find enough) of it. Not sure if it's me but I get really sick and tired at looking at high resolution photos all the time. They are just everywhere and constantly clamoring for your … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Tiger Losing


I say this somewhat *tongue in cheek* because I mean no disrespect for Mr. Woods and his many amazing golfing accomplishments but the beauty of Tiger losing IS the beauty of sport itself. Tiger 2 up going into the last round of a major is/was a forgone conclusion for a win. After all, he has done … [Read more...]

Hazeltine National Golf Club Facts


- Hazeltine National Golf Club is located in Chaska, Minnesota. - It is a private club and closed to guests not accompanied by a member. - The course opened in 1962 with Robert Trent Jones as the course architect (after early designs by another architect) - The course opened under the name … [Read more...]

Getting Up and Down by Tom Watson


Tom Watson, of course, has been tossed back into the spotlight based on his superb play at the recent Open Championship. But he did not just appear out of nowhere. His simple, solid and repeatable swing has been with him since he began. Really, not much has changed (besides a certain degree … [Read more...]