The Secret to Hitting Good Golf Shots


Hitting a good golf shot is one of the thrills of playing the game. Unfortunately (for most of us anyways) it is very fleeting. But there ARE moments when I at least catch a glimpse - so reading this observation below by Johnny Miller made me think of how I can recall those good feelings … [Read more...]

Golf Swings: Tiger vs. Tom


Both Tiger and Tom Watson had surgery in 2008 (Tiger in June for his acl and Tom in October for a hip replacement). By my calculations, they both started hitting balls in the January to February time frame. You have to wait longer for the knee to heal, so maybe Tiger started a little later than … [Read more...]

What’s the Beef, Greg?


Like him or not you have to admire Greg Norman's penchant for starting businesses. He starts one as easy at Tiger drops 6 footers. This time he is getting involved with Australian grain-fed beef. Greg is teaming up with the world's biggest beef producer, the Australian Agricultural Company which … [Read more...]

Do You Want The Ultimate Job in Golf?


Your Golf is looking to liberate a weekend golfer who is sick and tired of the rat race and give them the ultimate job in golf, spending a year traveling the world to sample and review some of the globe’s most desirable golf destinations. The job will see the lucky candidate … [Read more...]

What We Learned From Watson At Turnberry


Tom Watson's near win at Turnberry tells us a few interesting things about the state of professional golf in the 21st century. First I have to add that Watson is and always has been a tremendous ball striker. He can also chip with the best of them. He just can't make short putts anymore. But how … [Read more...]

Is There Anyone in Panama that Could Beat Tiger Woods at a Round of Golf?


Though Panama is a breathtaking Central American country that is known for its amazing weather and white sand beaches, many people go there for much more challenging reasons than just a relaxing vacation. While Panama hotels are elegant and comfortable, and there is more than enough sunshine to … [Read more...]

Weather And British Open Courses

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001

If you've had the great good fortune to play links golf in Scotland, you probably know how much of a factor the weather is. When it's warm and sunny with no wind - a rare occurrence - you might get the idea that links courses are not so difficult. That notion gets thrown out the window as soon as … [Read more...]

British Open TV Schedule


I went to the 'official' web site for this year's British Open at Turnberry to look up the TV schedule. Could I find it anywhere? No! Now maybe it's tucked away somewhere, but it wasn't readily apparent to my eyes after 5 minutes of searching. If this is the best that the R&A can do to promote … [Read more...]