The Thick and Thin of the PGA Tour


I was pretty floored a few weeks back watching the St. Judes Classic and seeing the 265 pound girth of Guy Boros. That is just a lot of weight to be carrying around. And mind you, I am not judging Mr. Boros (or even the chunkiness of Duval) - he is on the PGA Tour with over 1.5 million in career … [Read more...]

Back on Track: The David Duval Swing

I, for one, am so glad to see David Duval back and swinging like the Duval of old. And I really enjoy his recent US Open interviews. He has always been known to be an intelligent guy but it is just fascinating to hear someone who has been to the utter bottom and fought his way back and what it … [Read more...]

Who the heck is Tommy Armour lll?


For some strange reason I have always been fascinated with Tommy Armour lll. Maybe it's just the famous (golf) name or maybe the fact that I once owned Tommy Armour Silver Scot golf clubs - really not sure. He also has a reputation as being quite the ladies man, been known to tip back a few and … [Read more...] is Back!


John and I launched the a few months back but it ended up being riddled with technical difficulties and the whole forum board had to be scrapped (along with all the messages!) So it is now being revived due to popular demand. The Forum is dedicated to increasing your power, … [Read more...]

Privileges of Winning the US Open


Congratulations to 2009 US OPEN winner Lucas Glover! Although I was hoping for a Phil or Duval story, Glover played smart and steady with no real hiccups throughout the day. His final card looked like this: 69-64-70-73-276 -4 Besides the check for $1,350,000 here a few other US Open perks … [Read more...]

10 Worthwhile Things to Do During the US Open Rain Delay


Ok, so we have to do *something* during the (very likely) upcoming rain delays at Bethpage Black. So here are a few (hopefully) worthwhile ideas to consider.. 1. Listen to a TED speech online - As the title says, "Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world" - I cannot think of a … [Read more...]