Scotland Golfing Highlights


I want to wrap up the Scottish golfing trip with a piece on the golfing highlights of every course we played. I'll follow this with coverage of our B&B accommodations which, with one exception, were superb. If you happened to catch The 3 Irish Open last week, that's exactly what the courses … [Read more...]

Golf In Palm Springs: An Unforgettable Experience


Not long ago I and several friends took a golf vacation to Palm Springs, California and now I am itching to get back. Plans are in motion. If you have never been to Palm Springs your really missing something. It has some of the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. It was really stunning to … [Read more...]

“Digging It Out of the Dirt” and the Lonely Art of Practice

Like a lot of players in his day, Byron Nelson had to figure out the golf swing that worked best for him. He had to "dig it out of the dirt" for himself. Byron and his contemporaries (including Hogan) didn't have coaches or fitness instructors or nutrition coaches or golf psychologists or massage … [Read more...]

Is Tiger TOO Pumped Up?


Johnny Miller made an interesting comment in yesterdays Players Championship concerning Tiger Woods. Not sure of the exact quote but he mentioned that maybe his biceps are getting in the way of his swing. Now golf certainly requires strength but I tend to agree with Johnny. He just seems to be … [Read more...]

Review Of Scottish Links Courses


I'm not going to try and give absolute ratings of all the courses we played. That would be presumptuous having played them only once. First impressions are also influenced by the weather, how well you played and course condition. It would be wrong to brand a course's image on one day's experience. … [Read more...]