Scotland Golf Trip Is On!

Royal Dornoch

The die is cast, the airline tickets have been bought, so it's off to Scotland in April for a 10 day visit to golf's Mecca! Here's what our course rota looks like in the order we will play them: Spey Valley if we're up to it on the day we arrive Royal Dornoch Moray Old and … [Read more...]

David Duval Interview


Just piggybacking on the post below. I heard this brief interview with Duval on The Golf Channel last week. He said it is really not swing mechanics or swing issues in the way now. It is something else. To find out, click the link below to access the interview. David Duval Interview on … [Read more...]

Golfing In Scotland During Hard Times – Part 2


I'm a bit of a golf romantic, but that can't overcome significant added cost. I started looking into what it would set us back to golf in Scotland and found it wasn't necessarily that much more expensive than a similar trip in the U.S.  Mind you I wouldn't submit my figures to a CPA for scrutiny, … [Read more...]

Is Your Practice Routine Sound?

I've got some good news / bad news for you. Practice can make you a better golfer. In fact practice can make you a great golfer. Unfortunately, even amateurs who do practice don't get much out of it. Where did I get this brilliant analysis from? John Paul Newport's 'Golf Journal' in the weekend … [Read more...]