Tiger Will Be Back Better Than Ever

I happened to catch Tiger on TV last weekend while he was in the booth at the Chevron World Championship. Just listening to him and Hank Haney talk about his game and his recovery thus far, I am confident Tiger will be back stronger than ever. You could see it in his face and hear it in Haney's … [Read more...]

Keeping Score – Or Not!

 Seasons Greetings to all. During my last official round in 08, which was in early December, I rediscovered a simple way to maximize golf enjoyment - Don't always keep your score! Purists, no hate emails please. Even the pros don't keep their score all the time. They'd lose enjoyment of the game … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays From GolfDash!!!


We are looking forward to amazing 2009 filled with all sorts of new surprises. We hope to have you along for the ride. In the meantime, both John and I sincerely wish you and yours a warm, safe and happy holiday season! Doug Farrick John Diekmann PS: We hope you receive all sorts of cool … [Read more...]

Snow Bound!


Here in Western Massachusetts we have been getting pounded by snow storms. First a foot on Friday and now another storm today. My office is a short 15 minutes or so from the house and I just snapped the pic above looking out the window. Golf seems light years away. … [Read more...]

Swinging with The Shark


Just released in the latest Robb Report were 21 ultimate gifts, one of them being playing golf with Greg Norman. The price is not cheap but if you have the means, why not go for it. Here's what you get: A round of golf for 3 with Greg Norman at Cornerstone Colorado Round trip private air … [Read more...]