Is This Your Foursome?


These guys look like the last foursome I played with! See what golf can do to you. Getting pretty chilly here in the Northeast (Massachusetts) and it is sort of a weird feeling when Halloween comes because my days are VERY limited on the golf course this year (and they have predicted a very long … [Read more...]

A Good Walk Spoiled


A week ago Monday I was lucky enough to play Crumpin Fox golf course in northwestern Massachusetts just a few miles from the Vermont, New Hampshire border. It's a beautiful course in the rolling hills typical of the area. It's very challenging, with tee options over 7000 yards. The greens are … [Read more...]

My 2008 Golfing “Tip of the Year”


Ok, that's a lot to live up to, I realize - just 1 tip. This is actually not an earth shattering tip (which ones really are) but a sound fundamental tip I picked up from Tommy Toski (brother of legendary teacher Bob Toski) when I had a lesson with him earlier this year. It's a tip that really … [Read more...]

Advice To Golf Facility Managers


Dear Club Managers, No one has to tell you guys how tough times are for most golf courses these days. It doesn't matter if your club is private, semi-private or public. Rounds played are down and the owners are looking for you to 'fix' it. The solution is basic marketing. You've got to offer a … [Read more...]

You Vote: World’s Worst Golf Swing?

You have to agree this swing has GOT to be in the running for "world's worst golf swing." It's really amazing to me that a former professional athlete like Charles Barkley can be this bad. I mean he did look *fairly* coordinated out on the basketball court. Anyway, I could watch this over and … [Read more...]